My CEH notes from “CEH V10 Study Guide” Book

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Information I got from “Assessment test”:-

To compute CIDR from subnet mask:-

we convert the number to binary and count the ones

To compute CIDR from IP address given the number of hosts:-

we do it by trying each CIDR until we get close to the given number of hosts

To do that First:- subtract the given number of hosts from 32 which is the total number of hosts.

Second:- calculate 2 power result of first step

Third :-subtract 2 from the result of second step

we do that because the first ip address is all 0sand the last ip address is all 1s

NIST’s cybersecurity framework Function:-

It has 5 functions

1.Identify 2.Protect 3.Detect 4.Response 5.Recovery

Information I got from “Chapter 1: Ethical Hacking”-> Not part of CEH exam:-

Ethical Hacking Methodology(=steps):-

  1. Reconnaissance and Footprinting:-

Reconnaissance: is gathering information about the target.

Footprinting: is getting an idea of the target, the size and appearance.

2. Scanning and Enumeration:-

which means find the accessible systems in the target’s network and get additional information about the targets’ systems such as opening ports, operating systems… etc.

3. Gaining Access:-

Exploit a vulnerability to gain access to a system.

4.Maintaining Access:-

Have permanent access to the compromised system without starting with the first stage(Reconnaissance and Footprinting).

5. Covering Tracks:-

To delete or hide evidences of compromising(hacking, gaining access to) the system including systems’ logs.

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