Ethical hacker Udemy course commands

  1. sudo apt install -y kali-grant-root && sudo dpkg-reconfigure kali-grant-root. Then select “Enable password-less privilege escalation” → to use sudo to run the command as an administrator, but without entering the password.
  2. sudo su →to use the terminal as administrator user, and not use sudo every time.
  3. cd → to navigate between the directories.
  4. cd .. → to go back to the previous directory.
  5. passwd → to change the password of the user.
  6. ls →to list all directories and files in the current directory.
  7. pwd →to view the current directory.
  8. mkdir →to create a new directory.
  9. rmdir →to delete a directory.
  10. updatedb →to create internal database in the system.
  11. locate → to search for a file in the system.
  12. man →to view description for a command.
  13. - -help →to view description for a command.
  14. cat →to create a new file and write in it.
  15. nano →to open a file with editor.
  16. grep →to search for words in a file and display the line.
  17. less → to open a large file by bits.
  18. ifconfing → to view the settings of the network.
  19. clear → to clean the terminal window.
  20. uname -a → to view kali version.
  21. service ssh start → to start ssh.
  22. service ssh stop→ to stop ssh.
  23. netstat -antp| grep ssh → to check if the ssh started or not.
  24. service apache2 start → to start html .
  25. service apache2 stop→ to stop html .
  26. netstat -antp| grep apache2→ to check if the html started or not.
  27. apt-get install “service” → to install the service.
  28. apt-get remove “service” → to remove the service.
  29. update-rc.d “service” enable →to start the service once the operating system runs and stop once the operating systems stops.
  30. update-rc.d “service” disable →to stop the above service.

Created 8 December 2020




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