CRTP (Certified Red Team Professional) Introduction

1 min readNov 14, 2023

CRTP Course contents:-

Module 1:-

  1. Gathering useful information related to Active Directory ; users, groups, computers, trusts, ACLs, etc.
  2. Privilege Escalation techniques on windows.
  3. Gaining Admin privileges.
  4. Execute attacks involving bypassing antivirus and pivoting to other machines.

Module 2:-

  1. Find credentials and sessions for high privileges of domain accounts.
  2. Extract credentials from restricted environments with whitelisting.
  3. Kerberoast and escalate the privileges.
  4. Exploit the delegation.
  5. DA privileges, silver and golden ticket attacks.
  6. Skeleton key and custom SSP.
  7. DC safe mode for persistence.
  8. AdminSDHolder for persistence.

Module 3:-

  1. DCSync attack by modifying ACLs.
  2. Modify the host security descriptors of the domain controllers to bypass the privileges.
  3. Elevate the privileges of DA for the child domain to admin by modifying the Trust keys and krbtgt account.
  4. Intra-forest attacks.
  5. Execute the code by database links.

Module 4:-

  1. Useful event logs of the attacks.
  2. Defend from these attacks
  3. Detect the domain attacks.

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