Tools and commands used in PTPs’ Labs.

  1. Process Explorer:- uses to analyze the processes that run on Windows OS and check what techniques are used to mitigate the BOF attack.

Lab1 :-

1* python3 -m http.server 8080:- makes the device work as a http server. So, the folders and files will be public and can be accessed by: http://ip of that device.


Created on 31 July 2021

Edited on 31 July 2021

Chapter1; Introduction to Ethical Hacking.

Information security:- refers to the protection or safeguards of information or information system that use, store, transmit information from disclosure, alteration or destruction.

Information security elements:-

  1. Confidentiality:-Insure that information can be accessible by only authorized users. ex:- data classifications, data encryption.
  2. Integrity:-Insure that information can…

  1. sudo →to run the command as an administrator, but we should enter the password.
  2. sudo apt install -y kali-grant-root && sudo dpkg-reconfigure kali-grant-root. Then select “Enable password-less privilege escalation” → to use sudo to run the command as an administrator, but without entering the password.
  3. sudo su →to use the…


Hi there!

In this file I will explain each command in “Starting Point Challenge”.

So, are you ready?!

Starting Point Challenge has 6 steps!!

First: Software:-

It asks you to download virtual machine using virtualBox or vmware.

For me i installed Kali linux in virtualBox.

This is a YouTube video link…


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